IceBridge 2011, Antarctica

In Fall 2011, LVIS mounted on the NCAR G-V aircraft performed high-altitude, wide area surveying of Antarctica for NASA's Operation IceBridge. Data are available in both Level1B and Level2 formats. The Level1b data files contain the geolocated laser waveform data for each laser footprint. The Level2 data files contain elevations of reflecting surfaces derived from the Level1b data.

Level 2 files are much smaller and more manageable. For those users not familiar with waveform lidar data, we recommend that you start with the Level2 files before moving to the Level1b files (e.g., for context or to apply different algorithms).

The Level1B data are in HDF5 and the Level2 data are in ascii.

Use the python code posted here to view the data products from this mission.

LVIS Mission Information

LVIS Lidar
Instrument Version: LVIS
Flight Platform: NSF/NCAR G-V
Nominal Flight Altitude: 45,000'
Nominal LVIS Swath Width: 2.7km
Nominal LVIS Footprint Diameter: 20m


Data Products

LVIS Data Products Format Download Location
Flight TrajectoriesKMZThis page
LVIS L1B Geolocated WaveformsHDF, LDS 1.04NSIDC
LVIS L2 Elevation and Height ProductsASCII TXT, LDS 1.04NSIDC

Display MJD Date Region / Remarks Platform Flight Trajectory
55839 05 Oct 2011 Transit to Punta Arenas Chile NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
55841 07 Oct 2011 Thwaites Glacier NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
55842 08 Oct 2011 Pope Glacier NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
55844 10 Oct 2011 Pine Island Glacier NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
55846 12 Oct 2011 Evans Ice Stream NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
55848 14 Oct 2011 Calibration Flight #1 NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
55849 15 Oct 2011 Drewry Ice Stream NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
55851 17 Oct 2011 Getz Ice Shelf 1 NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
55853 19 Oct 2011 Getz Ice Shelf 2 NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
55856 22 Oct 2011 Pine Island Glacier 2 NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
55857 23 Oct 2011 Pine Island Glacier 3 NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
55860 26 Oct 2011 Thwaites Glacier 2 NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
55861 27 Oct 2011 Getz Ice Shelf 3 NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
55863 29 Oct 2011 Calibration Flight #2 NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
55867 02 Nov 2011 Transit to Costa Rica NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
55868 03 Nov 2011 Transit to Denver NSF/NCAR G-V [JPEG] [PDF] [kmz] [shp]
Oct 2011 All Antarctic 2011 Flights NSF/NCAR G-V [kmz] [shp]