IceBridge 2017, Greenland

In August-September 2017, the NASA LVIS Facility was deployed to Greenland for NASA's Operation IceBridge Summer Campaign. 15 flights were flown over the icesheet, repeating flight lines covered by the Spring Campaign using the P3. Data are available in both Level1B and Level2 formats. The Level1b data files contain the geolocated laser waveform data for each laser footprint. The Level2 data files contain elevations and relative heights of reflecting surfaces and energy thresholds, derived from the Level1b data.

Level 2 files are much smaller and more manageable. For those users not familiar with waveform lidar data, we recommend that you start with the Level2 files before moving to the Level1b files (e.g., for context or to apply different algorithms).

The Level1B data are in HDF5 and the Level2 data are in ascii.

Use the python code posted here to view the data products from this mission.

LVIS Mission Information

LVIS Lidar
Instrument Version: LVIS-Facility
Flight Platform: Dynamic Aviation
Super King Air B200T
Nominal Flight Altitude: 28,000'
Nominal LVIS Swath Width: 1.8km (200mrad)
Nominal LVIS Footprint Diameter: 10m (0.75mrad)
LVIS Camera
Camera Model: Canon EOS 5DS R
Lens Model: Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar
T* 100mm f/2 ZE
Image Resolution: 50.3 Megapixels
8688px x 5792px
Nominal Resolution: 3.1km x 2.0km (0.35m/px)
Nominal Overlap: 65%



  • BGTL - Thule Air Base (Thule, Greenland)
  • BGSF - Sondre Stromfjord Airport (Kangerlussuaq, Greenland)
  • BGBW - Narsarsuaq Airport (Narsarsuaq, Greenland)

Data Products

LVIS Data Products Format Download Location
Flight TrajectoriesKMZThis page
Camera TrajectoriesKMZThis page
LVIS L1A Camera ImageryJPG*NSIDC
LVIS L1B Geolocated WaveformsHDF, LDS 2.0.2NSIDC
LVIS L2 Elevation and Height ProductsASCII TXT, LDS 2.0.2bNSIDC

*Image position and attitude embedded in exif data.

Display MJD Date Region / Remarks GPS Flight Trajectory Camera Trajectory Gridded KMZs
57990 25 Aug 2017 Northwest Grid [kmz] [kmz/jpg] [ZG][ZH-ZG]
57994 29 Aug 2017 Zachariæ Isstrøm [kmz] [kmz/jpg] [ZG][ZH-ZG]
57995 30 Aug 2017 Petermann Glacier [kmz] [kmz/jpg] [ZG][ZH-ZG]
57997 1 Sep 2017 Thule to Kangerlussuaq [kmz] [kmz/jpg] [ZG][ZH-ZG]
57998 2 Sep 2017 Helheim and Kangerdlugssuaq Glaciers [kmz] [kmz/jpg] [ZG][ZH-ZG]
58000 4 Sep 2017 Jakobshavn Glacier (Inland) [kmz] [kmz/jpg] [ZG][ZH-ZG]
58001 5 Sep 2017 Southeast Grid [kmz] [kmz/jpg] [ZG][ZH-ZG]
58002 6 Sep 2017 Uummannaq [kmz] [kmz/jpg] [ZG][ZH-ZG]
58005 9 Sep 2017 IS2 Central [kmz] [kmz/jpg] [ZG][ZH-ZG]
58008 12 Sep 2017 To Narsarsuaq [kmz] [kmz/jpg] [ZG][ZH-ZG]
58008 12 Sep 2017 From Narsarsuaq [kmz] [kmz/jpg] [ZG][ZH-ZG]
58009 13 Sep 2017 Helheim and Kangerdlugssuaq Glaciers [kmz] [kmz/jpg] [ZG][ZH-ZG]
58014 18 Sep 2017 Uummannaq and Jakobshavn [kmz] [kmz/jpg] [ZG][ZH-ZG]
58015 19 Sep 2017 Summit [kmz] [kmz/jpg] [ZG][ZH-ZG]
58016 20 Sep 2017 Southeast Grid [kmz] [kmz/jpg] [ZG][ZH-ZG]
All Flights [kmz]