East and West Coasts 1999

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LVIS Mission Information

LVIS Lidar
Instrument Version: LVIS
Flight Platform: NASA C-130
Nominal Flight Altitude: 28,000'
Nominal LVIS Swath Width: 1.7km
Nominal LVIS Footprint Diameter: 25m


Data Products

LVIS Data Products Format Download Location
Flight TrajectoriesKMZThis page
LVIS L1B Geolocated WaveformsLGW, LDS 1.02View
LVIS L2 Elevation and Height ProductsLGE, LCE LDS 1.02View

Display MJD Date Region / Remarks Platform Flight Trajectory
51447 26 Sep 1999 New Hampshire NASA C-130 [kmz] [shp]
51452 01 Oct 1999 Western North Carolina NASA C-130 [kmz] [shp]
51461 10 Oct 1999 Sequoia Forest 1 NASA C-130 [kmz] [shp]
51463 12 Oct 1999 Sequoia Forest 2 NASA C-130 [kmz] [shp]
51470 19 Oct 1999 Sequoia Forest 3 NASA C-130 [kmz] [shp]
Sep/Oct 1999 All 1999 Flights NASA C-130 [kmz] [shp]