Pre-IceBridge 2007, Greenland

In 2007, the LVIS team received funded to demonstrate 25m waveform lidar mapping of icesheets in support of future lidar spaceborne missions. The instrument piggy-backed on an existing NASA research mission to Greenland and collected demonstration products for the application of waveform ldiar. Further details of the data products, data analaysis and comparison to ICESat products can be found in:

Assessing the performance of 20-25 m footprint waveform lidar data collected in ICESat data corridors in Greenland
Hofton, M. A. and Blair, J. B. and Luthcke, S. B. and Rabine, D. L.  Geophysical Research Letters  35  L24501  2008

LVIS Mission Information

LVIS Lidar
Instrument Version: LVIS
Flight Platform: NASA P-3
Nominal Flight Altitude: 28,000'
Nominal LVIS Swath Width: 1.8km
Nominal LVIS Footprint Diameter: 20m


Data Products

LVIS Data Products Format Download Location
Flight TrajectoriesKMZThis page
LVIS L1B Geolocated WaveformsLGW (LDS 1.02)Coming soon
LVIS L2 Elevation and Height ProductsLCE, LGE (LDS 1.02)NSIDC

Display MJD Date Region / Remarks Platform Flight Trajectory
54363 20 September 2007 Jakobshavn & Icesat Tracks 419 & 204 NASA P-3 [kmz] [shp]
54364 21 September 2007 Jakobshavn & Icesat Tracks 419 & 204 NASA P-3 [kmz] [shp]
54366 23 September 2007 Helheim & Kangerdlugssuaq NASA P-3 [kmz] [shp]
54368 25 September 2007 Transit to Greenland NASA P-3 [kmz] [shp]
Fall 2007 All Greenland 2007 Flights NASA P-3 [kmz] [shp]