Introduction to Using LVIS Data Products - Gabon 2016 as an example

In Feb-Mar, 2016, LVIS was mounted in the Langley King Air and flown over selected sites in Gabon, Africa, as part of the joint NASA/ESA/DLR/AGEOS Afrisar Campaign. Data are available from 7 flights, in both Level1B and Level2 formats. The Level1b data files contain the geolocated laser waveform data for each laser footprint. The Level2 data files contain canopy top and ground elevations and relative heights derived from the Level1b data.

We have developed a short course on downloading, opening and viewing both the Level1B and Level2 datasets to introduce new users to larger footprint lidar waveform data. To use the course you will need qGIS.

Further details on the Gabon data collection can be found here

And further details on the Level1B and Level2 data structures are given in the following document: LVIS_GabonAfriSAR_data_release.pdf

Description File
Course notes LVIS_QGIS_Tutorial_Gabon.pdf
Level2 dataset LVIS_Mondah_level2.TXT
Level1b dataset LVIS_Mondah_level1b.h5
Python codes