Where has LVIS flown as Part of Operation IceBridge?

a circular image of a airplane flying over the ground.
			       The plane appears to be emmitting a red cone shaped beam.  The trail of the beam on the ground
			       is a representation of the data set.

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Note: If you do not have the Google Earth Plug-in installed on your browser, you will need to install it in order to see the trajectories on the maps. When you click on a campaign to the left, if you do not have the plugin, there will be a link in the map to help you install it.

If you are getting a plug-in error, disable your plugin (e.g. in Firefox Tools --> Add-ons - Plugins), then refresh the page. You should then get a link to download the latest Google Earth plugin. Download and install the latest plugin. Refresh the webpage.

If you do not want to install the plugin, or do not have a compatible browser, you can download the Google Earth kmz files from the right hand side of the tables at the bottom of each campaign's page. Once you download them, you can then view them on your local Google Earth program.

The Google Earth plugin is best viewed with the latest versions of either Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
There are some known issues with the Google Earth API in IE.
Unfortunately, there is no LINUX version of the Google Earth API at this time.